Hedge Funds

Logan Law Office offers comprehensive legal services for hedge funds. We advise not only on fund structure, formation and launch, but on all aspects of ongoing management and compliance. We provide counsel and review with regard to documents including private placement memorandums, subscription agreements, organizational documents, regulatory filings, non-disclosure agreements and administration agreements. Our regulatory expertise includes the requirements of the U.S. securities laws and Blue Sky issues, as well as US PATRIOT Act and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. We advise with regard to compliance programs and their documentation and can assist clients in responding to SEC inquiries and investigations.

We assist with implementation of side pockets, in-kind redemptions, synthetic side pockets, gating provisions and all manner of fund actions. We advise with other fund issues including subscriptions, redemptions, FINRA new issues questions and ERISA guidance. We work with private advisors, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), state registered advisors and clients — and we offer Form ADV and Form PF consulting.

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